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Check out these innovative computer-aided design (CAD) classes offered live online in the Summer session!

Our faculty ordered new tools and perfected these classes to offer them in a live online format for summer so students can excel with this interactive instruction.

SPC Live Online

SPC is offering live interactive classes starting this summer, where students engage in a real-time instructional environment with their professors and classmates. The SPC Live Online courses provide all the benefits of face-to-face courses in a live, remote setting without leaving the comfort of your home

While the SPC Live Online courses provide greater flexibility, they are not self-paced. They are highly facilitated courses, and students are expected to interact with faculty and their peers during each scheduled time period throughout the term.

CAD Classes

ETD1320C–Intro to CAD
3 credit course
Mondays 9:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

AutoCAD is one of the most powerful and popular 2D CAD (Computer aided drawing) programs. It will enable you to draw almost anything on a computer screen including blueprints, room layouts, part descriptions. AutoCAD has hundreds of easy to-use commands, which you use to draw lines, circles and other figures. In most cases, the methods of AutoCAD are different, faster, and easier than manual drawing methods. In addition, AutoCAD electronically stores, retrieves, and edits drawings in ways that manual methods cannot match.  Businesses that use AutoCAD include manufacturing, construction, architecture, civil engineering, etc.

ETD2364C–Intro to SolidWorks 
3 credit course
Mondays 6 – 10 p.m.

This is an introduction of solid modeling using new designing techniques of SolidWorks software. Topics include the integration of SolidWorks and its advance solid modeling drawing tools to create 3D mechanical drawings. This course is an introduction to designing techniques using SolidWorks and covers unique capabilities of the software. It is an advance feature-based softwares and uses parametric modeling techniques to enable the designer to incorporate the original design Intent into the construction of the model. The parametric modeling in SolidWorks is accomplished by identifying and creating the key features of the design with the all the editing being done on the computer. The design variables described in the sketches can be recognized as parametric relations, SolidWorks can then be used to quickly modify and update the design.  Businesses that use SolidWorks include entertainment (like Disney), jewelry and art designers, part manufacturers, engineering firms, and packaging.

Enrollment for Summer and Fall classes is open at  Summer classes begin May 18, 2020 and Fall classes start August 17, 2020.  For more information about these Live-Online SPC classes contact Lara Sharp at  

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