Sign Language Interpreting students travel to D.C.

Supported by the Clearwater Student Government Association, the Sign Language Interpreting Program (S.L.I.P) student graduates, were, once again, afforded the opportunity to travel to Gallaudet University in Washington D.C., from Oct. 20-23, 2016.

Visiting Gallaudet for students who plan to be professionals in the field of Deaf Education or Sign Language Interpreting, was a trip into the history of the American Deaf and brought life to what students have only read about in their textbooks.

St. Petersburg College offers one of the most well respected Sign Language training programs in the United States. SPC instructors are certified by the American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) and/or the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

Our A.S. in Sign Language Interpretation provides students with sign language skills, an understanding of deaf culture, knowledge of the interpreter’s role and skill development to prepare students to apprentice to get started in the profession of sign language interpreting.

Trip highlights

For three days, students were immersed in what is considered one of the foremost linguistic and cultural centers of American Deaf Culture in the world. This particular visit coincided with A Midsummer Night’s Dream workshops and shows performed by the Gallaudet University Theatre and Dance Program.

Students and advisors stayed on campus at the Kellogg Conference Hotel and:

  • Attended workshops and theatre performances
  • Toured the campus museum and field house
  • Visited Kendall Demonstration Elementary School and Model Secondary School for the Deaf
  • Met with the director of the sign language interpreting program and
  • Had meetings with working interpreters on campus before spending a little time in the city

In addition, students visited the presidential office and even met Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano, Gallaudet University’s first female president!

History of Gallaudet University

Founded in 1864 when President Abraham Lincoln signed the bill into law, Gallaudet University remains in the forefront relative to innovation, policy development, research and education.

We are grateful to have the continued support of the Clearwater Student Government Association that allows our graduating students to be immersed in what is often called, “Deaf Mecca”.

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