Our Words: Students Explore the Career and Academic Communities, Pathways

Career and Academic Communities Offer Pathways

This summer, college faculty and staff hosted St. Petersburg College’s Career and Academic Communities Fair, an opportunity for students to discover more about the college’s 10 Career and Academic Communities ranging from arts to technology and different careers pathways.

Two students who visited the fair – Veronica Mikhalinchik and Asara Suraweera – shared their views and takeaways from the event. Both students completed English as a Second Language in the English for Academic Purposes program at the Clearwater Campus.

They got a chance to meet and talk with faculty from other communities, plus learn about admissions requirements and career pathways in different fields. One even chose a major from attending the fair!

From Veronica Mikhalinchik
Veronica is planning to earn her A.S. in Radiography. She is originally from Moldova.

Visiting the SPC Career and Academic Communities, I found a lot of useful information for my future stay in college.

Veronica MikhalinchikCommunications 

My first conversation was with representatives from the Communications program. Professors Dawn Joyce and Nan Morelli White were very open and ready to answer my questions.

I did not know that Composition 2 can come with Humanities 2. It is a grand opportunity for me to take this one class and have 6 credits. I can learn more from these wonderful professors and save my time than to take these two classes separately.

Health and Veterinary Technology 

Moving further, I focused my attention on admissions information about the Health Sciences and Veterinary Technology Community.

Karen Sommerville, an advisor for health programs, represented the community. When I started to ask questions about radiography programs, she gave me information that I had not known before. It is important to pay attention to grades. Students should check with an advisor about specific program GPA requirements. 

Science and Mathematics

Finally, my last community was Science and Mathematics. This program has courses that give students general education requirements and can lead to higher level degrees in different professions such as medicine, dentistry, and veterinary technology.

In conclusion, I would like to say thank you Professor Paden for encouraging us to go and meet with these communities.

From Asara Suraweera
Asara, originally from Sri Lanka, is currently deciding on his major, but he is most interested in the College of Computer and Information Technology.
Pathways: Choosing My Future

I participated Career and Academic Communities Fair on June 6 at noon in the ES Building at the Clearwater Campus. There were 10 academic communities.

Asara SuraweeraBusiness

First, I went to Business Community table. There was a nice professor, and she explained about the program. She said that I need to finish my foundational program SPC requires first. Then, if I’m interested in business, there are many courses at SPC, such as Accounting, Financial Services, Management and Operations, and Business Administration. Additionally, she handed me a little book with information about business courses at SPC and related job opportunities.



Second, I went to Technology Community table. A professor there nicely talked about Computer Programming, Computer Networking, Web Development, App Development, and Cybersecurity. One of my questions was if it is hard to study. She replied that if I am good at mathematics, these classes would not be that hard for me. I got a flash drive from that table.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Building Arts

Third, I went to Engineering table. I was impressed because there was a little robot on the table, and it had been made by a high school student, who talked about Engineering, Building Arts, and robots. Additionally, she discussed how computer programming can help create a device, such as a robot or drone.

Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

Finally, I went to Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services. I learned a little bit about social work and psychology. They also handed me a little book. Furthermore, we talked about annual income and job opportunities.

The most important thing that I got by participating this program is learning about many areas, which I did not know about. I think this will help me to choose my major because I haven’t decided it yet. However, after participating this program, I think that I would like to choose Computer Programming as my major.

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