Supporting your community during a pandemic

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As more businesses shut their doors to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the financial uncertainty of many of our neighbors is growing. Don’t let these uncertain times stop you from supporting your community!

Make a Purchase in Support

Can’t eat out? Purchase a gift card from a local restaurant to use later. Need to cancel your appointment for a beauty or wellness service? Buy a gift certificate instead.

Don’t want your family to attend their extra-curricular activities? Ask if you can pay now and make up the class later. Ordering take out or delivery? Consider tipping extra to help service workers in this difficult time.

Local businesses are depending on online sales to get them through the pandemic as retail shops, wholesale orders, and local markets have been closed or canceled. These are just a few of my favorites! Many of these companies have information on their Instagram feeds about alternative ways to support them right now or their own efforts to give back.

You can also support local businesses by taking an online yoga class or even picking up locally-grown produce.

Make a Gift in Support

Many local businesses are also doing their part to help under-served populations or restock dwindling supplies and necessities. Here are some ways we can help support these organizations.

If you are not on government assistance, avoid purchasing WIC-approved items at stores. WIC-approved items typically have a bright red WIC label on the price tag. Choosing alternative items will help those in need to have better access to necessities and avoid paying out of pocket.

Last, but possibly most important, donate blood. As the coronavirus COVID-19 spreads, we are approaching a serious national shortage of blood that will hinder healthcare workers’ ability to help those afflicted. Donation centers will screen for viruses and have extra procedures in place to protect donors and healthcare workers, sterilize facilities, and practice social distancing.

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