SPC Seminole Volunteers for Patriot Day

Ten SPC students from the Seminole Campus had a great time volunteering at Bauder Elementary School on October 9th. Originally scheduled for September 11th, this volunteer event was rescheduled due to Hurricane Irma. Nonetheless, Patriot Day is an opportunity to turn a negative event in American history and turn it into a positive by volunteering and giving back to the community. The goal is to promote civic pride.

Nevertheless,  SPC students worked for several hours to assist the kids with their reading and math lessons. In fact, several students agreed to volunteer at Bauder on a continual basis! We are very proud of these students and their spirit of civic engagement.

Many thanks to Dr. Prifti, Professor Estlund and Dr. Rivero for encouraging their students to participate. For more information on volunteering opportunities near the Seminole Campus, please contact Dr. Rivero @rivero.douglas@spcollege.edu

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