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kids visit seminole campus


From left: Students Enrique and Jennah, Career Outreach Specialist, Sandy DeCarlo, Students Brenda and Shivam

Seminole Students help give tours to Seminole Middle Schoolers. Here is what they said about the day!

Jennah – We volunteered here at Seminole campus for a fifth-grade field trip.  The fifth graders came to see what college life was like.  Most of them have never been to a college campus or have any idea what college is like.  The fifth graders first went into the digitorium and listened to a speaker speak motivationally to them. Then they came out to the habitat park which is where we volunteered, the students watched Mrs. Dee do a science experiment on PH values.  She changed the PH value in the liquids and the students watched in amazement.  Afterwards she engaged the students and picked three students and had them blow on the liquid and change the color from blue to green.   After they did the science experiment we took them out to the nature boardwalk where they did a scavenger hunt.  We guided some students who needed extra help on the scavenger hunt and helped the find answers while talking and forming bonds.



Brenda – A group of us took part helping on campus by touring 5th graders around the SPC Seminole campus. We had the opportunity to answer questions to better inform the students about college life. We discussed the differences between A.A and A.S degrees. Also, we educated them about the 10 different SPC campuses and the programs they provide.  Students were thrilled to know that in college, they can pick their own schedule and were quite interested in getting involved in extracurricular activities the college offers.  It was a neat experience working with these students to inspire them to reach for a higher-level education.


Enrique – During the service learning day with Bauder Elementary, I was responsible for guiding the kids towards the auditorium and capturing moments. Now, the speaker was giving his presentation I took the time to snap a couple of pictures. As a float, I rotated to several different stations to observe activities happening. My favorite activity was outside the campus where Mrs. Dee performed a chemistry experiment for the Bauder kids to interact and learn the changes of chemical reactions. After the experiment was accomplished Mrs. Dee instructed the kids to a scavenger hunt where she gave clues to solve a mystery word. In no time the kids zoomed to each checkpoint to figure out clues given to solve the mystery word. As a reward Mrs. Dee thanked every kid with M&M treats. Finally, I made my way towards the last station which occurred on the second floor of the UPC building, digital media was the topic. During the session, the kids learned about the differences of cameras, lighting, and film. My experience with this service learning was amazing.


Shivam – I would like to start off by stating that this was a very honorable moment for me to volunteer for Bauder Elementary school here at SPC, Seminole. Me and my partner started out by welcoming the students at 9 am in the morning at the front entrance gate. Then we took them to the digitorium where we asked them to line up as there was a little presentation which we had arranged for the kids which talked about how is it like to be in college. After this we headed outside to the field where we had arranged some fun activities for the kids such as science game and scavenger hunt. The kids loved both activities and we spent roughly 45 minutes each for the completion of both the activities. There were three groups each which comprised about 20 kids in, so we had to volunteer for each group to make sure that they enjoyed and completed the activities. Then we got the kids some refreshments and gave them whole tour of the campus. After spending some time by giving them the tour of the campus, we then had Q/A session with the kids where they asked us different questions about our campus life such as what all activities, clubs and entertainment we have on campus. After answering all those questions, we all talked briefly to the kids about the fact that why it is so important to go to college after the completion of High School. College is something which honestly in my opinion shapes you and broadens your horizons. College degrees makes a lot of difference in our society today, I feel that the learning process never stops but completing college and obtaining your bachelor degree just makes you a brighter individual.



As a group, we helped mentor young students and show them what it’s like to be a college student. We set an example for these kids.  They could ask us questions about what it’s like to be a college student.  Their questions varied from is there free food on campus, to what kind of degrees you can get, how to become a vet, are there dorms, if there is homework, and if you are allowed to bring your pet to school.  Most of them were clueless about what college is like.  It was great to be able to be there and help them learn about college and encourage them to start thinking about what they want to do and if they want to go to college. We all were happy to be a part of this experience.  For some of these kids they will probably remember this trip for the rest of their life!




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