SPC Music of the Week

This week’s featured student: Carlos Reyes

Music Selection: Gypsy Funk

SPC Music of the Week features student/alumni music creations to promote internal and external awareness of the SPC Music programs.

About the Work: Producer’s Perspective

The track “Gypsy Funk” certainly was a fun and involved experience learning both recording and mixing techniques. The song was performed by the band The Adverse Elements and was written by Cameron Dorsey & Levi Foe. The different elements in the final version were a collaborative effort by Dorsey and myself.

I express my gratitude to both the students/project participants to the faculty and staff that have helped along the way.

Impact of SPC Music

SPC and the MIRA program has definitely made a thrilling impact on my life and my journey towards being a more focused producer/engineer. Since MIRA, I have worked with other talented artists and helped redefine how I approach new clients and handle myself when it comes to being a musician in a recording session. It pays to know how both sides of the chess board work. My main future goals are to create a studio facility of my own and spend time teaching and mentoring. I continue to be a mediator/craftsman in this industry. I love helping newcomers and seasoned pros get the most out of their sessions.

Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes

Study Music and Music Technology at SPC

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About Music at SPC

Music AA Transfer 

SPC’s Music and Music Education AA Transfer degrees (60 credits) are two-year programs that prepare students for transfer to University music programs in Performance, Music Education (Band, Chorus, Orchestra, General Music), and Music Therapy. Students earn Music State Common Perquisite credits in music lessons, music ensembles, music/aural theory, and student recital. Students also earn all 36 general education liberal arts credits.

Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) AS Degree 

SPC’s Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) AS degree (64 credits) is a two-year workforce program with technology focus. It prepares students to work as producers, audio engineers, composers/songwriters in the music industry. The core curriculum includes courses in digital audio workstations, live sound engineering, studio recording techniques, critical listening, legal issues in music, practical music business, and more.

Audio Engineering and Production (AUDIOPE) Certificate

SPC’s Audio Engineering and Production (AUDIOPE) Certificate (24 credits) is a financial aid eligible certificate that includes instruction in digital audio workstations, studio recording techniques, acoustics, live sound and professional audio production.  The stand-alone certificate prepares workforce internships and employment. The 24 credits also count towards the MIRA-AS degree.

Donation Opportunities

As a non-profit organization serving our community, charitable contributions are vital to our mission to educating students and engaging our community.  Your support makes performances, art shows and concerts possible and provides invaluable experiences for our students.

Donations impact our music students by providing:
(1) Scholarships for bonus elective courses
(2) Loaner hardware/software kits to those in need
(3) Expansion of facilities

Those wishing to donate to SPC Music and SPC Humanities and Fine Arts should contact Department Chair Nathan Muehl muehl.nathan@spcollege.edu

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