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SPC Music of the Week features student/alumni music creations to promote internal and external awareness of the SPC Music programs.

This week’s featured student: Aidan Harvey

Music Selection: Animatronics

About the Work: Producer’s Perspective

The artist I worked with, Jonah Hollander of Miró, was truly 100% of the inspiration behind this project. I hadn’t worked with him before, but had seen him play at a few local bars in St Pete and took the opportunity to ask him to perform for my track. The song was written and performed by Miró, with Jonah on vocals and playing a few of the instruments featured in the track. The idea was to make the sound for this song almost ethereal in a surf rock style, with lots of reverb and effects on every instrument to achieve that overall sound. I wanted to make the song sound exactly right per Jonah’s vision for it, and I believe we were both happy with the results!

I hadn’t personally recorded or mixed a track that sounded like this one, so it was a great experience to get out of my comfort zone and work in a different genre of music. One of the greatest challenges here was using multiple effects on each track – we did a few fun things that I’d not done before, such as reversing a reverb track on the snare and hi-hat to create a unique, shimmery sound that really brought the song together. 

The best thing I learned in this project is to not give up on your vision. There’s always a way to create the sound you want, especially when you’re working with such talented artists, professors and fellow engineers. Use those connections to learn and grow, and work outside of your comfort zone. Try new things, if they don’t work how you want them to, try something else! Creative projects are always a process, and there’s always a resource available to help work things through, whether that be your professors, classmates, or searching online. 

Impact of SPC Music

I started in the MIRA-AS program a few months after moving to Florida from Scotland, so I didn’t know anyone in St Pete when I started the program. I quickly found a ton of like-minded, life-long friends in the program, and got to experience so many awesome things, like working live sound at the Palladium, volunteering with the MIRA Guild at live events around the Tampa Bay area, and helping out at the Gasparilla Music Festival. I gained so much experience in many different areas of music and music production, and in areas such as management and business too, which has helped in my current position. Being a part of the MIRA program really solidified my choice to move to Florida, and helped me transition to my new life here with new friends and incredible experiences. I chose the MIRA-AS program even though it wasn’t aligned with my career goals, because I’ve loved music and music production since I was young – I determined it was the best way for me to complete a degree program and still love every minute of it! 

Aidan Harvey

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About Music at SPC

Music AA Transfer 

SPC’s Music and Music Education AA Transfer degrees (60 credits) are two-year programs that prepare students for transfer to University music programs in Performance, Music Education (Band, Chorus, Orchestra, General Music), and Music Therapy. Students earn Music State Common Perquisite credits in music lessons, music ensembles, music/aural theory, and student recital. Students also earn all 36 general education liberal arts credits.

Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) AS Degree 

SPC’s Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) AS degree (64 credits) is a two-year workforce program with technology focus. It prepares students to work as producers, audio engineers, composers/songwriters in the music industry. The core curriculum includes courses in digital audio workstations, live sound engineering, studio recording techniques, critical listening, legal issues in music, practical music business, and more.

Audio Engineering and Production (AUDIOPE) Certificate

SPC’s Audio Engineering and Production (AUDIOPE) Certificate (24 credits) is a financial aid eligible certificate that includes instruction in digital audio workstations, studio recording techniques, acoustics, live sound and professional audio production.  The stand-alone certificate prepares workforce internships and employment. The 24 credits also count towards the MIRA-AS degree.

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