Attend the Hadi Abbas Wood-Fired Ceramics Exhibit

Hadi Abbas ceramic covered jar

Hadi Abbas Wood-Fired Ceramics Exhibit is at the St. Petersburg College Clearwater Humanities & Fine Arts Department.  The wood-fired ceramic artwork of University of Central Florida Professor Hadi Abbas illustrates the complexity and uniqueness of the oldest method of firing clay.

The SPC Wood-Fired Ceramics Exhibit featuring his work is open from Aug. 20 – Sept. 26 at the Crossroads Gallery at the SPC Clearwater Campus, 2464 Drew St.

Hadi Abbas

picture of Hadi Abbas

Since 1990, Abbas has been a professor within the UCF  Art Department.  He specializes in Ceramics and Sculpture. Professor Abbas teaches beginning and advanced ceramics. Prior to working at UCF, he taught at Wichita State University and worked as a production manager for Fredrick Pottery, in Louisville, Ky. He worked as a ceramic consultant to an art studio in Louisville, Ky, and has also conducted workshops and lectures in his field.

Abbas is well known for his extensive knowledge of glaze technology. He is an inventor of several prototype pieces of equipment related to his area of specialization. He was the recipient of Delano Magtgard Jr.’s Grant in Wichita, Kan.,  and has exhibited his work on an national level.

Wood-Fired Ceramics event

The SPC Crossroads Gallery event featuring Hasi Abbas Wood-Fired Ceramics is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, there will be a gallery reception from 6 to 8 p.m.  Refreshments and light fare will be served.  All are welcome to see the unique textures and glazing that occurs from clay heated in wood-fired ovens.

Free workshop 9-13-2018

On Thursday, Sept. 13, from 10 a.m.  to  4 p.m. come to Room 132 at the Crossroads building where there will be a free workshop with Abbas.  During the workshop he will show techniques on plaster mold-making for ceramics.  This technique allows an artist to repeat a difficult form  for multiple ceramic items.

flyer showing six wood fired ceramics by Hadi Abbas. One is a tall cylinder vase rough cut texture with rust like flakes. A small speckel bowel with three finger like legs has a pebble cobblestone texture and color. A wavy flower bud vase has a water like shoreline texture and color. a Squished ceramic pot that looks and feels like a pumpkin is pictured. A thick heavy ridged plate with two ceramic peaches. And a slick earthy teapot like basket ceramic pot is the last image

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  1. I am sad to say I missed this exhibit. I am wondering if Mr. Abbas has a website where he sells his pieces? I take Ikebana flower arranging lessons, and always look for interesting quality pieces. Thank you for your response.

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