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Get a lesson from The Agency band members

Flier for Q&A with The Agency band members David Cook and Amos Heller

This isn’t just for Swifties but you do have to be an SPC Titan.

St. Petersburg College students and alumni will have a chance to learn from some of the best – Dave Cook and Amos Heller – members of Taylor Swift’s band, The Agency.

FlierAmong their many musical projects, Cook is Swift’s music director/keyboardist and Heller is her band’s “bass player extraordinaire.” The two are headed to the Palladium Theater at SPC on Aug. 13 to share their musical wisdom. Swift is performing in Tampa on Aug. 14.

This first-come, first-serve FREE event for SPC students and alumni will take place at the Palladium’s main stage. The event is hosted by the Music Industry Recording Arts program at the college. The program begins at 7 p.m.

Guests can take part in a Q&A with The Agency band members. Topics will include:

  • performance skills that have allowed them to thrive in the industry
  • personal branding as musicians
  • their gear choices for recording and live performance

This is a return performance at SPC for the pair from The Agency band. The two took part in  a similar event in 2015 at the Palladium. 

The Agency band bios

Before joining Swift’s team in 2011, Cook was heavily involved in the New York City jazz scene.  Since then, he has worked three tours as Taylor’s musical director and pianist.

At 13, Heller was handed his first bass. He hasn’t stopped playing since.  He built his impressive resume in Nashville where he began touring with Swift as her leading bassist.

MIRA program

SPC’s MIRA program helps students develop “real world” skills artists need to thrive in a diverse and competitive music industry. It offers experience to student musicians, composers, producers, DJs, life-sound reinforcement enthusiasts, broadcast audio engineers, and post-production technologists. Plus the program offers a variety of learning partners in the industry.

MIRA has built a rich array of learning partners in the industry that connect manufacturers to students and faculty to provide:

  • Essential software and hardware
  • Testing ground for new products
  • Internship opportunities
  • Certification plans
  • Cooperative training tracks

Career Exploration Workshop for Arts & Humanities Majors

arts and humanitiesThe Career Services Department at St. Petersburg College’s Gibbs campus is hosting a Career Exploration Workshop for Arts and Humanities majors, or for those considering a career in the arts or humanities field. This will be a two-part workshop, with an industry expert answering questions during the first half and Career Services staff helping you prepare for a career in the arts and humanities field during the second half.

The workshop will be held on Thursday, March 1, 2018, from 12:30-2 p.m. at the St. Petersburg/ Gibbs Campus, 6605 5th Avenue N, St. Petersburg,  in room SA-135.

The Arts and Humanities fields cover a wide variety of majors and careers. For some, this looks like a two-year degree in music performance, sound production, or music composition from St. Petersburg College’s MIRA program. For others, it is a four-year degree in a major like philosophy, which is a springboard to law school. Below are just a few careers that you might consider in the field of arts and humanities:

• Technical Writers
• Graphic Designers
• Musicians
• Event Organizers
• Philosophy Educators
• Public Relations Manager
• Archeology
• Fashion Designers
• Artist
• Museum Curator

Expert Advice

During the first part of our workshop, we will be joined by Rosaria Pipitone, Career Outreach Specialist, and Richard Smith, Internship Specialist. They will be sharing insights on the arts and humanities field.

Prepare for Your Career

During the second part of the workshop, Career Services staff will provide tips to help you prepare for your career. We will discuss the best ways to craft a professional resume geared toward the arts and humanities field. We’ll also share job hunting tips, including information about pay and hot job markets.

Invite a Friend

Do you know someone who’s not enrolled in St. Petersburg College but thinking about applying? Feel free to invite them! The Career Exploration Workshop is open to not only SPC students, but to the community as well.

Reasons to come the Career Exploration Event:
  • Experts on hand to answer your toughest questions
  • A pressure free environment to explore a potential major
  • The cost: Free!