Veterans Run Brings the Fun

veterans wave flags during fun run

In the age of COVID, where normal things are not so normal anymore and when planned meetups get cancelled because of potential exposures, we have found that we could all use time to de-stress and pal around with our friends. This is exactly what happened on November 13, when student veterans from across St. Petersburg College met at Seminole City Park to hoof it down the Pinellas Trail together. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the Aurora Foundation, meant to enrich the lives of student veterans, Veterans Services of SPC hosted the event, hoping to bring vets together for some much-needed leisure time. 

About 15 students and staff came together and ran a mile, followed by much-needed joking and snacks. The entire event was marked with an air of happiness and freedom! Participants took on the Pinellas Trail while carrying their campus guidons; some ran, some walked, and some took on the Park Street overpass as if they were charging Bunker Hill (backwards, but you get it).  A great time was had by all – so much so that the Seminole SVA believes you can catch them at the park for a group run pretty routinely in the future!

Stay tuned Vets…we’ve gotta keep it moving! Get out there and move your body! 

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