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SPC Program Director Honored with Department of Defense Patriot Award

Patriot Award 2019 Presentation

In January, Glenn Davis, Program Director for Emergency Medical Services at SPC, received the Department of Defense Patriot Award for his exceptional support of Guard and Reserve members employed at the college.

James Dicks, Chairman of the Florida Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense program, announced the award following a presentation at the Health Education Center on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

The Department of Defense Patriot Award was requested by Air Force Reserve Chief Master Sergeant Ralph Sibbio. In his nomination Chief Master Sgt. Sibbio stated, “Glenn is a retired firefighter paramedic and has been an educator for over 30 years. He has an intimate understanding of the obligations of a public safety profession, as well as the importance of a ‘duty to serve.’ Regardless of the amount of time required for me to be away from my civilian job, he has never hesitated or questioned why I must perform military duty. He is an outstanding advocate and supporter of the military.”

Also at the presentation were SPC’s VP of Academic Affairs Dr. Anne Cooper, retired Veterinary Nursing Dean Dr. Rich Flora, and Dr. Eric Carver, Allstate Center, HEC and Veterinary Nursing Center Provost. The award was presented to Davis on behalf of the Department of Defense by Lt. Col. Roger Trout (USAR-Ret) and Colleen Trout.

Pictured from left to right are Colleen Trout, Flora, Sibbio, Davis, Roger Trout, and Cooper.

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) is a Department of Defense program established in 1972. The mission of ESGR is to gain and maintain employer support for Guard and Reserve service by recognizing outstanding support, increasing awareness of the law, and resolving conflict through mediation. ESGR volunteers provide free education, consultation, and if necessary, mediation for employers of Guard and Reserve employees. As the 35 thousand members of the National Guard and Reserve in Florida and nationally 1.3 million members continue to perform an increasing number of unique missions that require extraordinary actions on the part of everyday citizens, ESGR will continue to be the informational agency for the employers of citizen warriors.

More information about ESGR Employer Outreach Programs and volunteer opportunities is available at or by calling Roger Trout of the Florida ESGR Committee at (571)275-8980.

Our very own EMS program director and fearless leader, Glenn Davis, received the #patriotaward today for his role in…

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Cycle with Project Hero in Weekly Rehabilitation Rides

Ride 2 Recovery Veteran Rehabilitation through Cycling Banner

All Project Hero rides are done with a mix of riders (veterans and non-veterans).  The rides are structured to help injured veterans and first responders rehabilitate and recover through cycling.  However, all riders benefit from the therapeutic aspects of cycling.  Injuries of our veterans include visible and non-visible (PTSD and TBI) challenges.  Each ride allows participants to get to know each other and help one another.  Anyone is welcome to ride, including students.

Riders can bring their own bike or call ahead and make arrangements for a loaner bike from the Cycling Center.  The Center also conducts periodical spin classes inside its spaces using computerized resistance trainers with a video simulator.

Ride 2 Recovery Assorted Bicycles under Project Hero

Scheduled Rides

Monday Ride:  Starts at SPC Clearwater Campus (2465 Drew St – Bldg SS) at 4pm;  25 miles on the Rheem Trail and Courtney Campbell Causeway (bike path);  Moderate to Fast Pace (15-20mph) – However, anyone is welcome to ride at their own pace;

Thursday Ride:  Starts at Seminole City Park (7464 Ridge Rd) at 5:30pm;  16 miles on the Pinellas Trail;  Moderate Pace (12-15 mph);  The group rides 2 by 2;  All levels are welcome – no one is left behind;

Saturday Ride:  Starts at SPC Clearwater Campus (2465 Drew St – Bldg SS) at 8am;  25 miles on the Rheem Trail and Courtney Campbell Causeway (bike path);  Moderate Pace (12-15 mph);  The group rides 2 by 2;  All levels are welcome – no one is left behind;

Ad Hoc Rides:  Project Hero Hub Pinellas has its own Facebook page (Project Hero Pinellas).  Anyone is welcome to join as a member – simply request on Facebook.  Each week various ad hoc rides are arranged by Project Hero Hub Pinellas members.  Keep a look out for postings during the week.

Project Hero Rides at the Initial Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Bicycle Repairs

The Project Hero Cycling Center offers free labor for all bike repairs and maintenance.  Anyone in the community is welcome to have their bike repaired or serviced.  Veterans are provided free parts (if available), while non-veterans are asked to pay for the part or bring the part to the center.  Repairs and service are performed by student veterans who volunteer time in the Project Hero Cycling Center as fulfillment of their scholarship requirements.  Donations are accepted to help keep the center stocked with parts and materials.  Also, the Raytheon Scholarship accepts donations to help fund scholarships for SPC student veterans.  Students apply on-line to the SPC Foundation.  Veterans may receive a scholarship in addition to their VA benefits.

If interested in donating funds to help purchase bicycle parts or to help fund the Raytheon Scholarship, please contact Mitch Lee at or 727-415-1485.  Mitch is the Project Hero Hub Pinellas Representative and is responsible for the Cycling Center at the college (SPC Clearwater Campus Building SS, Room 105).  He also administers the Project Hero Hub Pinellas Facebook page.