Titan Coders win first place

Titan Coders 2019

The St. Petersburg College Intercollegiate Programming Team, the Titan Coders took home first place in the Florida Intercollegiate Programming competition on Saturday, April 6.

The Titan Coders beat out seven other Florida college. The competition which is open to all students who are enrolled at least part-time at a Florida state college allowed contestants to use Visual Basic.NET, Java, C++, Python, C#, and/or C, or a combination of those programming language to solve programming problems.

Judging was based on a predetermined set of expected results for each problem. Outside of those parameters, the only criterion for successfully solving the problem is a working application that follows the requirements set forth for that problem. The first place prize, based on a compilation of the team’s individual scores, was $500. Joshua Welch placed third in the individual competition winning a $100. He beat 80 other students, making him one of the best programmers in Florida. In their first competition in 2017, the Titan Coders placed second in the state as a team, and took home a second place individual trophy.

Academic Chair Dawn Ellis said that the win was a direct result of preparation and practice.

“After last year’s competition, a site was created within MyCourses called Titan Coders, in which every student who had completed Introduction to Computer Programming was enrolled,” Ellis said. “There, they could access the forum, where problems from past competitions were presented in order for them to practice their coding skills. SPC students took home the trophy this year because they are well prepared for programming challenges by the CCIT faculty.”

Congratulations to our Titan Coders, who have demonstrated what it means to be Titan Strong. They excelled individually and as a team in the face of challenging problems, and tough competition. The team will continue to move from strength to strength, and the only thing better than this year’s competition is the next one. Join the Titan Coders, learn more about technology programs at St. Petersburg College.

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