St. Petersburg College Student Andrew Pruitt studies abroad from Afghanistan

While stationed in Afghanistan, St. Petersburg College student Andrew Pruitt enrolled in the Linux System Administrator Certificate Program in the College of Computer & Information Technology (CCIT).  Upon completion of his last course CTS 2106 Fundamentals of LINUX/UNIX Operating Systems, Pruitt said that the class was especially helpful to him because most of the modems and control centers where he is stationed in Afghanistan run on equipment that uses a LINUX based operation system.

Pruitt began the job with little knowledge of LINUX operating systems. He was only aware of the commands that were commonly used. After he completed CTS 2106, the knowledge he acquired enabled him to understand why certain commands are used and he was able to work through each task. This course also aided him in using SatCom Modems and Sun Solaris Servers to run Satcom Networks that run on Linux/Unix.

“I enjoyed this class. It definitely helped me out at work,” he said. Pruitt currently works for a telecommunications company in Afghanistan.

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