SPC student earns NET+ certification

Terry Porter earns NET+ certification
Terre Porter

SPC’s technology degree and certificate programs prepare students to pass the NET+ certification exam and other IT industry certifications.

Last spring, Terre Porter attended an open house at St. Petersburg College’s Seminole Campus with the intention of getting information on certificate programs. While there, he listened to a presentation by Dr. Sharon Setterlind, Dean of the College of Computer & Information Technology Department and Nancy Russell, the Program Coordinator, as they spoke about the certificate and degree programs that are offered by the department.

Originally from Arkansas, Porter has always had a love for programming. Once he moved to Florida in 1999, he formally started programming.

Program prepares students to pass NET+ certification exam

Whether degree or certificate seeking, students are required to complete all courses within a program before taking the industry certification exams. In Porter’s case, he took the NET+ exam and passed. He said that intense study, preparatory classes and simulations contributed to his success. He especially emphasized the importance of taking a prep class such as the one he took with Dwayne Josephson, an adjunct instructor who works at SPC’s Corporate Training Center in Largo. He mentioned that the course was helpful since it allowed him to brush up on his weak areas. Flashcards were also utilized as a memory tool.

Currently, Porter is finishing up his A.S. Degree in Computer Programming & Analysis. Next, he plans to pursue SPC’s Smart Choice Bachelor’s Degree, adding a B.A.S. Degree in Technology and Development Management for only $10,000. Learn more about this degree at www.spcollege.edu/10k.

“It feels good when you can look at your certificate and say you know what you are doing,” said Porter. “When you can show a hiring manager a certificate, it shows that you can do the job.”

He encourages all who plan to pursue industry certifications to “study and study more. Find practice exams where you can, do simulations when available and go to prep classes to clarify understanding.”

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