SPC professor Tillman discusses “supercookies” on WFLA

Adrian Tillman on WFLA

St. Petersburg College computer science professor Adrian Tillman was featured in a news spot on WFLA. Learn more about the benefits and dangers of supercookies below.

“The technology landscape is kind of like the wild wild west right now,” said Tillman. “We have developers and companies discovering new frontiers at a very rapid pace. However, these uncharted territories are often filled with unsavory characters and hazards. Users of technology need to be aware that while all these new technologies are making our lives easier there are dangers. Awareness is everything. Most people were unaware that their phones were uploading location and timestamps along with their photos which could easily be viewed by attackers, now it’s turned off by default in most mobile phones. Reputable companies will find these holes and fix them. Other companies may exploit them for their own gain. Only time will tell which company is which.​”

A hot topic in the news and in Tallahassee, WFLA reports that Florida Senator Bill Nelson has contacted Verizon for more information.

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