SPC Technology Professor to attend Master Teacher seminar

Adrian Tillman attends Master Teacher Seminar

St. Petersburg College Professor Adrian Tillman has been nominated by Dr. Anne Cooper, Senior Vice President of Instruction and Academic Programs, to attend the 2016 Florida Master Teacher Seminar at Pensacola State College, July 24-28.

SPC recommends one outstanding faculty member each year to attend the seminar and covers the expenses for participation and  travel.

“Adrian Tillman is one of our best programming faculty,” said Sharon Setterlind, Dean of the College of Computer and Information Technology. “His determination to turn the students into programmers who can find jobs in a very competitive field is remarkable. I know he will have much to share on his teaching techniques and style.”

The Master Teacher Seminar

“The original Master Teacher Seminar was established in 1962 by Roger Garrison at Westbrook College in Portland, Maine. Since then, it has evolved into a national movement with more than a dozen annual seminars and an international movement with seminars in Canada and China. Garrison founded the seminar on the following beliefs:

  • Excellent teaching takes place in American higher education.
  • Teachers striving for mastery of their craft have much to share.
  • Bringing teachers together in a relaxed, informal atmosphere to share their successes and their experiences enhances the skills of all.” (Source: www.pensacolastate.edu/masterteacher)

Tillman and other college faculty  from around the state will submit ideas for discussion groups led by the seminar staff.

A regular SPC Technology blogger, Tillman teaches Computer Programming classes for SPC’s College of Computer and Information Technology on the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus.

He is a seasoned software industry veteran. He has lead the activities of research and development teams to bring software products from inception of development through release.  Adrian is a senior software engineer with 14 years of system design and software development experience, with a background in application design, development and testing. He has provided services to government, commercial and university clients. Adrian holds a Master’s of Science degree in Applied Computer Science from Columbus State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Albany State University. He currently teaches Software Development courses to young aspiring technologist at St. Petersburg College. He prides himself in developing a sense of passion for software development and the love for the art.

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