SPC IT student lands internship and job at E-Telligence

St. Petersburg College student Nevan Fitzpatrick had no idea when he applied for an internship at St. Petersburg College that he would end up with an internship and job at E-Telligence. During his internship at E-Telligence he:

  • Worked with the IT asset management team to ensure that hardware and software were in compliance with industry standards
  • Completed software audits for companies to make sure they had the proper licenses so they could avoid additional costs
  • Did some troubleshooting on the computer equipment and completed reports based on what he found
  • Edited existing reports for their sequel server
  • Made edits to their website.

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Since the company was looking for someone to hire, he worked through his internship and was eventually hired on a full-time basis.

Fitzpatrick is a graduate of St. Petersburg College’s Computer Programming and Analysis A.S. Degree program, which is part of the curriculum for the College of Computer & Information Technology. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Development and Management with a subplan in Software Development.

He advises students that when they are seeking an internship, it is important to:

  • Have a good resume
  • Look up the companies you are applying to before an interview to show your interest in the company and their mission
  • Be well dressed and speak in a confident manner
  • Be prepared to prove your skill set

Most of all, Fitzpatrick advised students that your GPA matters. He currently has a 4.0 GPA at St. Petersburg College.

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