CISCO Networking Academy awards St. Pete College for active participation

CISCO Academy Instructors Mike Gordon (left) and Cedric Way.

Recently, the Cisco Networking Academy awarded St. Petersburg College (SPC) for 10 years of active participation in the academy. According to CISCO academy instructor Mike Gordon, the CISCO program is “bigger now than it has ever been in terms of enrollment. We have one of the biggest CISCO academy programs in the state of Florida,” he said.

There were a total of seven people who took the exam; five students and two instructors for the CISCO Academy, Cedric Way and Mike Gordon.  Everyone passed across the board! Gordon further stated that since this was the first time through, it was a great achievement to have everyone successfully pass.

Gordon said that the CCNA Security class will be offered again in March, and the study group will begin in May.

“Since it was the first time offering the CCNA Security course, it was important that we had a high success rate. I look forward to working more years with the CISCO Academy.

One thought on “CISCO Networking Academy awards St. Pete College for active participation

  1. Just enrolled actually re-enrolled at SPC for the CCNA certificate program.
    Looking forward to the classes starting.

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