Cisco Taps SPC Cybersecurity Student as E-Learning Beta Tester

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Technology company Cisco Systems selected St. Petersburg College Cybersecurity student Ashley Rush as a beta tester for their new Cisco Certified Network Associate Cyber Ops e-learning program.

Learning@Cisco, the education group within Cisco Systems Inc., recently developed a new entry-level Cybersecurity training program focused on the role of a security analyst.

A security analyst is a front-line individual in a security operations center or SOC who receives alerts and logging information from key devices throughout an organization’s network.  It is up to the security analyst utilizing the corporate policy, procedures, and SOC playbook to determine if a security event needs to be investigated or escalated to the next tier for analysis.  This all happens while they are collecting the fundamental information about the event, such as IP hosts, MAC address, ports, protocols, time stamps, and more.

SPC Cybersecurity student participates in Cisco Cyber Ops e-learning program

SPC Student Ashley Rush

Cisco’s  e-learning environment includes content, graphics, videos, assessments, and hands-on labs.  The two courses Learning@Cisco created for the training were Security Fundamentals (SECFND) and Security Operations (SECOPS).  Each of these courses examines the fundamental skills of what a security operations entry-level team member needs to know.

Per the requirements of the beta testers program, Rush was required to read all of the student content, watch the videos, complete both the assessments and complete the labs. Additionally, she also was tasked with creating a report that included course timing information and error corrections.  In return for her report on the issues she found and timing information for the sections, she was provided with a testing coupon for both SECFND and the SECOPS courses.

The information provided by Rush was instrumental in helping the Cisco Cybersecurity Scholarship program.  Additionally, Rush has passed the first of the two exams and is preparing for the final exam. It’s expected Rush soon will be certified as a CCNA Cyber Ops Associate.

SPC can prepare you for an opportunity like this!

SPC cybersecurity faculty and students learning hands-on

SPC offers a Cybersecurity Associate in Science degree program that will allow you to meet the growing need for college-educated specialists who can tackle increasingly complex information technology security concerns.

The program prepares you to develop an organizational network and security program using risk management strategies. Also, you will learn strategies to address the increased growth of information technology security concerns from regional to international environments.

While in the program you will have a chance to sit for the CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker, Cisco CCENT industry certifications.

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