SPC Model United Nations students receive honors at conferences

Model United Nations

Model UN students from St. Petersburg College received honors at the Florida Model United Nations Conference in Gainesville and the National Model United Nations Conference in Czech Republic.

Members of the Gainesville UN team
Gainesville team members in photo, from left to right. Front row: Julie Ann Gilson; Martha Kamara; Julianna Cherinka; Kayla Li; Rebekka Sauer; Dragana Mitric; Aaron Paige. Back row: Reynald Feldt; Talon Easterling; Christopher Duggan; Mason Kerr

Florida Model United Nations – Gainesville
A team of 11 students competed in the Florida Model UN simulation held Oct. 16-17 at Santa Fe College in Gainesville. Four students represent France, three represented Albania, two represented Cuba, and two represented Botswana. The France group received Outstanding Delegation Award, and Albania and Cuba groups received Honorable Mention Delegation Award. Rebekka Sauer received Best Delegated Award for General Assembly. A total of 17 colleges and universities participated in simulation.

Gainesville team
Julianna Cherinka
Mason Kerr
Kayla Li
Christopher Duggan
Dragana Mitric
Aaron Paige
Talon Easterling
Reynald Feldt
Rebekka Sauer
Julie Ann Chorgo-Gilson
Martha Kamara

National Model United Nations – Czech Republic
Model United Nations team received international honors at the Collegiate Model United Nations Conference held Nov. 24-27 in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

A team of eight students competed in a UN simulation with more than 300 American and international students. The SPC team received the Honorable Mention Delegation award. Two SPC students, Lewis Morgan and Armando Pellot, also were awarded the Outstanding Position Paper award in the General Assembly Plenary committee. The team represented China.

Czech Republic team
Lewis Morgan
Alexander Haydon
Alexis Deveaux
Jonathan Corrao
Amy Bhatt
Armando Pellot
Alliyah Edwards
Amy Currotto

Students prepare for conference by researching committee topics, writing position papers, and practicing diplomatic simulations. “Our students do a wonderful job in representing the college,” said Roy Slater, political science instructor, who along with social science academic chair Douglas Rivero traveled with the team.

Members of the Czech Republic team: standing, left to right: Armando Pellot; Lewis Morgan; Alexis Deveaux; Amy Bhatt; Alexander Haydon; Alliyah Edwards. Front: Amy Currotto and Jonathan Corrao.

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