SPC History Professor Publishes Journal Article in Civil War History

Professor Angela M. Zombek has just published a new article in Civil War History. This prestigious Kent State University publication offers academics the opportunity to publish peer-reviewed articles on the history of the US Civil War. Her article, entitled Paternalism and Imprisonment at Castle Thunder: Reinforcing Gender Norms in the Confederate Capital, deploys gender analysis to explore how Confederate officials at the Castle Thunder Prison in Richmond utilized imprisonment as a method in forcing male and female prisoners to behave and act according to prevailing cultural norms. Therefore, incarceration should be seen as one of the components that were exploited to help maintain the conservative cultural order, especially in the South. However, her research also captures how Union troops were also culpable in applying the same tactics. Once Union troops captured Castle Thunder from the Confederacy, they also utilized harsh imprisonment tactics to preserve the social order.

SPC is very proud of Professor Zombek. By publishing this article and being engaged in academic discourse, Professor Zombek is inspiring and bringing a lot of excitement to the classroom. It truly makes history come alive for our students when they see that their instructor is also a researcher and publisher. Students know that they are getting the most current information possible. Even more, this is a very timely piece that connects very well with the current discussion taking place in the US revolving around Confederate monuments.

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