Model United Nations Team Receives Prestigious Award in Atlanta, GA.

Model United Nations team receives award in Atlanta, GA.

St. Petersburg College’s Model United Nations team received the Distinguished Delegation Award at the Southern Regional Model United Nations (SRMUN) Conference held on November 15-17 in Atlanta, GA. Distinguished Delegation is the received by delegations that place in the top 10%. Cooper Hochstetler and Kingsley Coleman also received an Outstanding Delegation award. The SPC delegation represented the State of Qatar.

College and university students from around the Southeast country attend SRMUN conferences. At conference, students work in committees to address regional and global issues and adopt resolutions that detail solutions to issues. Schools are assigned country to represent and the delegates must remain in character as they discuss issues from perspective of assigned country. The SRMUN conference also included a special crisis committee simulation of the League of Arab States. Overall, students spend many hours researching history of assigned country, committee topics, and position of country on committee topics. All in all, MUN veterans Chris Stansel & Shemar McKoy led a team that included 8 brand new members. They did outstanding work and we are very proud of their leadership. We continue to be very proud of all MUN members for their strong efforts and dedication to improving their academic skills through out-of-classroom experiences.

Some committee topics addressed:

Addressing the Challenges to Accessing Vaccines
Increased Prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases in Developing Member States

Addressing the Role of Transnational Organized Crime Groups in Human Trafficking
Combating the Threat of Cyberterrorism

Migration and its Effects on Economic Development
Humanitarian Relief in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

Expanding UN-Based Green Energy Infrastructure Programs in Developing Member States
Promoting Global Collaboration in Combating Rising Sea Levels due to Climate Change


Dr. Randy Lightfoot and Dr. William Fleming traveled with the team. Additional MUN faculty members who assist students in preparing for conferences include Dr. Douglas Rivero, Dr. Roberto Loureiro, Professor Kim Jackson and Professor Roy Slater.

Visit the SPC Model United Nations Facebook page for pictures from Atlanta conference and other MUN conferences.

Attached are some pictures of the students in action.

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