Community Week for Social & Behavioral Sciences: Powerful Guest Speakers

Community Week for the Social & Behavioral Sciences & Human Services Department begins on Monday, March 26. This is an opportunity to meet students, faculty and community leaders who understand the power and significance of the social sciences and the study of human behavior.  As such, Social & Behavioral Sciences & Human Services is proud to present two amazing guest speakers. Both of these speakers are part of the 2018 SPC Reads Outstanding Author series.

Tampa Bay Times award-winning reporter Ben Montgomery is coming to the Clearwater Campus on Monday, March 26. His presentation is entitled the Media & Social Justice. From his hew book, The Leper Spy: The Story of an Unlikely Hero of World War II, to his hard hitting stories on equity issues when it comes to policing in the Tampa Bay area, Ben has the history and credentials to lead this timely discussion.

Info: Monday, 26 at 9:30 a.m. at the Clearwater Campus ES Building, Room 104.

SBS Community Week continues with SPC Faculty member and author Sheree Greer coming to the Gibbs Campus to make a presentation entitled, The Psychology of Social Activism for Marginalized Groups. This is a fascinating topic that merges psychology, social activism and social justice. Given recent events with the #MeToo movement, this should be a very interesting conversation.

Greer is the author of two novels, including A Return to Arms, a short story collection, and a student writing guide. She is also the founder of Kitchen Table Literary Arts Center, a local non-profit organization supporting the work of women writers of color. Professor Greer teaches creative writing, composition, and literature at the Gibbs campus.

This event is happening on Wednesday, March 28 at 11 a.m. in the Community Library, Room 101.

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