Graphic showing a divers group of people with megaphones. The words equity matters, beyond the statement, we are committed, resources, personal experience, respect, engagement, trust, connecting, and courage over comfort are listed on the drawing.

SPC stands united against social injustices and pledges to be part of the solution

At St. Petersburg College we value the sanctity of all human life. We honor diversity, equity and inclusiveness. We denounce racial injustice, classism, sexism, gender bias, religious persecution and bigotry in all forms. We believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect. In standing firm on these principles, we show the world that we are committed to equality and opportunity for all people, all the time.

SPC facilities staff work to clear campuses of debris following Hurricane Irma

Welcome Back Sept. 18

Hurricane Irma has been one of the worst storms that Florida, and the Tampa Bay area in particular, has ever faced. Despite her strength, we have been resilient and are even stronger in the aftermath! I am thankful that I have not received any reports of major harm to any of our students, faculty and staff. Possessions are replaceable, but you are not.