Let Our SPC Writing Navigators Guide You on Your Next Essay

Meet a writing navigator at our writing studio!

It is not easy to ask for help. The more lost you feel, the more difficult it is.  When writing, this feeling is only compounded by the necessity of staring at a blank screen. There are a million different destinations to visit and a million different routes to take, and every word can feel like a step in the wrong direction. You do not have to feel this way; St. Petersburg College has made sure of it. SPC supplies its students with navigators, your very own writing GPS.

I name us ‘GPS’s rather than Maps’ because a map will show all possible routes, while the GPS will tell you, “In two hundred feet, turn left.”  Writing Studio staff can guide you to your destination: a completed assignment.  However, like a GPS, we cannot give you a route without a destination.  Like inputting the correct city and street address into a GPS, it is important to give your tutor all of the information you can. You will get better results by searching for “Cappy’s Pizza” than by simply searching for “food.”

This information includes assignment descriptions and rubrics from your professor. If a tutor knows what you are supposed to write about, in what format, and how you are being graded, the tutor can help you plan your route to avoid any unnecessary detours. Feedback you have already gotten from your professor elevates your Writing GPS from basic Maps-level directions to Waze-level navigation. It is akin to having current traffic information in avoiding slowdowns. If your navigator knows where the slowdowns are, they can guide you around them.

Every journey requires both driver and navigator, so come prepared to see your friendly neighborhood writing navigator in the Writing Studio. We will make sure you end up where you intended to go.

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