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Work from Home Using SPC Learning Resources

The title sounds like an infomercial or some sort of spam you might get in your email, right?  “Work from home and be successful!”  But when it comes to SPC and Learning Resources, we are serious.  That’s because you really can do research from the comfort of your own laptop anywhere you want. 

What work can you access?

As a student you have the power to search journals, read books, listen to audio-books, watch instructional videos, get your references together, and even get some on-line tutoring right from the comfort of your couch.  When you log into your student account, you’ll see a link for “Library Resources & Services” when you are in MyCourses.  Scroll down the right-hand side and you’ll see it a little way down.  There you can see links to everything from the Virtual Learning Commons to other extremely helpful links. When you are logged in through your account, there is no need to redo any login information, making it much easier to access materials you might need.

Databases A-Z & Refworks

Give yourself a quick tour through the Databases A-Z by clicking on the “Library Resources” link.  There you will see an abundance of easily accessible journals and videos such as Anatomy TV for your A&P classes or MEDLINE with full text.  And don’t forget to sign up for RefWorks for your reference list.  The college already has an account for you ready to go, all you need to do is enter in your information and save your lists. They can be specific for every paper you write and can help you with anything from APA and MLA to CSE.  Then you can export these lists directly into Word and proof them.  It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a great start.  That’s why we offer tutoring for references too!

Renting Ebooks

Once you feel comfortable with exploring the Databases A-Z, click the link that says “Books and eBooks.”  From there you can search for eBooks and research that chapter on DNA inheritance from your coffee table at home.  Need a book on Australia? How about Elon Musk?  Quarks, maybe?  SPC has resources for you ready to be used.  The best part is there are no late fees when you virtually check out a book. Your access lasts according to the allotted time and voila!  No more searching for nickels in your backpack to pay off a late fine from the forgotten copy of Harry Potter that you needed to return.

You can accomplish an incredible amount of work without ever having to step into one of our libraries, but we certainly hope you do.  Our SPC friends are ready to help you in any way we can.  Each library is unique and inviting, and we are waiting to meet you in person to help out if the need arises.  When you use our in-person and online resources together, you can accomplish anything.

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