SPC Downtown’s Learning Center Moving to 1st Floor

SPC Downtown Center's new Learning Resources Center

We have moved!  Sort of.  At our St. Petersburg College Downtown Center, we have combined our computer lab, tutoring resources, and library services into one large room on the first floor for easy accessibility.  Laptops, headphones, and calculators are available for enrolled students to use as well as rows of computers, printers, books, and of course our amazing tutors are there as well.  Don’t forget, SPC has tutors and learning resource specialists at every campus, not just downtown.

Along the sides of the room there are a small number of study rooms that will be available for small group study and class review as well as a larger room with anatomy models ranging from ears and eyes to full torso models.  An interactive white board towards the back of the main tutoring space allows instructors to workout math problems or chemistry and with an app the students can see this happen in real time on their phone form anywhere.   The program will even convert these to a .pdf that they can save. 

The new downtown learning center is on the 1st floor, room DC 109.  See you there!

SPC Downtown Center announcing their move

Can’t Make it Out?

Whether you’re visiting the new Learning Center to study, meet with a specialist, or enjoy your time between classes, we aim to be accessible. That being said, if you can’t make it out, don’t forget SPC’s online resources! Read up on the top 100 Workplaces in Tampa Bay from home, or look into why dot-coms may not be the most dangerous resource for that essay you’re writing. As always – we’re here to help!

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