SPC Celebrates Learning Center Opening

Learning center

More than 100 students, faculty and staff enjoyed lunch and cake to celebrate the grand opening of the new St. Petersburg College Downtown Learning Center space on Thursday, September 5. Now located on the first floor of the Downtown Center, the center offers students the opportunity to use small and large group study rooms, in addition to a dedicated anatomy and physiology science tutoring room.  

Previously, Florida International Museum and, more recently, the TEC Garage occupied the space. The computer lab was on the second floor, the small learning center was on the third floor and the anatomy and physiology tutoring was in yet another classroom down the hall. Associate Director of Learning Resources Heather Disler wanted to make the out-of-class support learning space more accessible to students and connect all the resources in one location.  

“Our department was spread between six separate locations throughout the Downtown Center building,” Disler said. “This meant the director had to staff three locations and students had to walk between floors for different out-of-class support services.”

Disler said that with the new space, they can consolidate and keep all the staff together in one place and offer students a one-stop shop for out-of-class support.

“It is so nice now,” she said. “Our anatomy and physiology tutors and students are no longer isolated in a classroom down the hall, and all the science and math tutors are able to talk with one another, collaborate, team teach and tutor students all under one roof.”

Several instructors have brought classes in for tours and study sessions, getting students excited about the new, larger space made just for them. SPC Student Diego Martinez said he likes the new center a lot.

“There is a lot more room than before, and I use it every day to do my homework and get help when I need it,” he said.

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