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When our students need help, we’re here to get it done. St. Petersburg College has a robust and effective tutoring program that all of our enrolled students are free to utilize.  From biology and chemistry to writing and math, each campus has a knowledgeable tutor that can assist in a wide variety of areas.

Two St. Petersburg College students attending tutoring with a specialist. They are surrounded by various health education tools, such as anatomical models, fake skulls, and organ replicas.

What do we offer?

Highlighted during their recent grand-opening, the Downtown Campus offers a collaborative area with modern study tools. It has a smart-board with the ability to turn normal whiteboard demonstrations into a real time video that students can save on their smart devises.  Now, learning resource tutors can work-out long equations and chemical derivations in real time and the students can re-watch this for studying purposes at any time.

Additionally, we also host workshops on various campuses for specific areas of learning, such as:

  • ‘Online Spanish Language’ workshops
  • ‘APA Citation’ workshops
  • ‘Finding the Right Database’ workshops
  • ‘Google Scholar’ workshops
  • …and the list goes on and on!

Dedication and hard work, with focused study and instruction, result in the power to succeed.

If you are a student, please visit our Learning Centers to meet our instruction specialists for tutoring! If you’re unable to make it out, our website offers research guides, a virtual learning commons, “Ask A Librarian,” and more. We’ll help you capture the utmost of your ability here at St Petersburg College.

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