Come Down to Downtown for Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month, Sylvia Marsters, a librarian and writing tutor, selected just a few of the many relevant books and e-books that are available in the St. Petersburg College Library system. These are now on display in the Downtown Campus Learning Resources:

  • Cuban-American Art in Miami, Cumbia (a genre of Latin American music) Daughters of the Fifth Sun
  • Documenting the Undocumented
  • Harvest of Empire
  • My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor
  • Salsa World
  • Soul Sacrifice (the musician Santana) Tampa Cigar Workers
A photo of specially curated books for Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month at the St. Petersburg College Downtown Center.  Featured books are aligned, face-up, in a row with blocks in front of them spelling out "Hispanic." There is a cute llama plush to the left.

Afro-Cuban Religious Arts, including Santaria, are also displayed. Visit our Downtown Learning Resources Center and check out a book in celebration of Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month today! And if you can’t make it out, read more on events being held by participating St. Petersburg College locations at

Author Sylvia Marsters is a Librarian and Writing Tutor at St. Petersburg College’s Downtown Center.

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