SPC Study Abroad Scholarships Deadline is September 27, 2017

Study Abroad Scholarships Deadline

The Study Abroad Scholarships Deadline is September 27, 2017: have you put in your application yet?

Thanks to these amazing scholarships, study abroad is now within reach at St. Petersburg College!

See below the full list of study abroad scholarships available for all programs.

Program Amount Deadline
Greece $2,000 Sept 27, 2017
Honduras $2,500 Sept 27, 2017
Ireland/Scotland $3,000 Sept 27, 2017
New Zealand $3,000 Sept 27, 2017
Spain $2,000 Sept 27, 2017

Scholarship guidelines:

  • You must be degree seeking
  • You must be in good academic standing
  • You must meet all Study Abroad program qualifications listed here
  • The Study Abroad scholarship will NOT cover the entire cost of the Study Abroad program
  • Filling out a scholarship application does NOT guarantee award of funds

Essay questions:

The scholarship application will require two essay questions. Your answers to these questions are an important consideration of the scholarship selection committee.  Please provide clear responses that directly address the questions below, giving concrete examples.  Each essay must be at least 150 words or more.  We suggest that you draft your responses first in a word document to eliminate any typos, grammatical errors, or misspelled words. Remember, these scholarships are very competitive, so ensure your answers will provide a clear representation of why you would be deserving of the scholarship.

Past scholarship recipient quotes:

“Scholarships like the one I got can make a huge difference in your college experience. Having the trip to look forward to helped me stay on track and finish my last semester. I think that students should take advantage of all the great scholarships SPC has to offer. I got to visit a foreign country that I had never expected to go to.” – Karah (read more)

“The Study Abroad scholarship that I received from SPC was the best gift I could ask for. Before my study abroad program I never traveled overseas so this was a first for me.” – Shelby (read more)

Don’t miss this opportunity! Apply now to one of our SPC Study Abroad Scholarships.

Questions? Contact Anna Faiola via phone at 727-712-5883 or via email at faiola.anna@spcollege.edu.

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