The South Africa Study Abroad program taught me that education is key to mastering anything

South Africa Study Abroad program

South Africa Study Abroad programHello World! Let me tell you a little about my South Africa Study Abroad program. 😊

I’ve just returned from the most amazing experience I have ever had, studying abroad in South Africa. The trip was educational, FUN, inspiring, and really helped my classmates and I to develop a better understanding of our world. We had an opportunity to meet with nongovernmental organizations, non-profit organizations, and some key contributors to the economy, tying in all that we were learning throughout daily lectures. For a visual learner like myself, this allowed me to comprehend the socio-economic condition of South Africa, which was fascinating!

South Africa Study Abroad programI still can’t believe I can say I was a student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. The campus there was on a nature preserve, and we saw monkeys trying to steal snacks from students. Amazing! The U.S. dollar is strong in the South African economy, so nine of us would eat at a restaurant together, get appetizers and desserts, and order steaks, all for less than $10 a person. I will miss eating good for that cheap! However, I will not miss cars driving on the left side of the road and drivers sitting on the right side of the car, as that was pretty confusing.

I went into this program hoping to gain something, anything to make me a better person. I was awarded that and an abundance of knowledge and new friendships. I met people in South Africa who I made genuine connections with, and my classmates and I are now bonded as friends by this experience. I have a greater appreciation for my own country and our quality of life here. South Africa taught me how to help with less and accomplish more. Most importantly, I understand that education is key to mastering anything, and I am more determined learn.

I encourage everyone to pick a place, make it work with your schedule, and get out there and explore the world!

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