New Zealand Here I Come! Thanks To SPC Scholarship!

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“Come study Abroad in New Zealand!” The statement in itself seemed very inviting, but I scrolled down the page and looked at the other Study Abroad options at SPC instead. New Zealand felt unattainable because it was such a beautiful place; and one that I can only imagine being that way. My mind starting flooding with the possibility of experiencing the amazing Maori culture there, the great selection of food and visiting the movie set of the famous ‘Lord of the rings.’ new zealandWith denial of my abilities to ever Study Abroad; because it was such a major thing to do. I filled out the application to speak with the international officials at the SPC in St.Pete, Florida.  To my surprise I was accepted and from there everything happened very quickly.  Courtesy of the college I received a 100% free physician checkup and gladly put in for a 3,000 scholarship for my Study Abroad Trip. The anticipation was eating away at me for a month afterwards. The thought that I would not get picked for the scholarship was the only thing on my mind even though I was determined to go because It was the only thing I wanted the most in the year 2017. I was confident in my writing abilities but was increasingly afraid of my reasons of wanting to visit New Zealand that I submitted to the application. I thought I might have needed a better reason of wanting to Study Abroad. The number one reason that I stated on my application was that it would help me have an educational experience that I would never forget, and would gladly tell my future students all about when I become a Special Needs Teacher. Some time passed, and I got an email in my inbox one day, and on this day, I was having a bad day- Everything seemed to be going wrong. I got the 3,000-dollar scholarship! My focus shifted on the near future from then. I would finally breathe new air and have an amazing opportunity to visit a beautiful place that was previously unknown to me.  The only place I have previously traveled to on plane was San Fransisco, California when I was 20 years old, but this is a whole different ballgame.

If you have food restrictions they take that into consideration, if you are a disabled student they accommodate you, if you are a student who needs help with payments there are various ways to assist you.  The lodge you will be staying at is already provided with an option of a single room and food is served daily.  Other Study Abroad experiences may be different, but a few things remain in your utmost consideration.  If the opportunity is there why not take it?

If you are a student at SPC who is looking to Study Abroad, go for it! You have nothing to lose. Make sure to save for unexpected expenses. Plan ahead, Plan ahead, Plan ahead! I can’t stress that enough. There are mandatory meetings, travel insurance, a passport, food accommodations, travel money, payments to make to the international program before you take your trip. The flight itself can be quite expensive so saving must be an aspect here as well. Also, it is required to take a class while you are studying abroad so the payment of class attendance and class materials are required.  If you have never traveled before this is the best way to do so because your school sets up daily activities and you will be with a group. The opportunities to meet new people and experience a new way of living was enough to entice me to fill out the application.  You’d be surprised what opportunities are at your fingertips when you take a leap of faith in an uncharted direction. Study Abroad and you won’t regret it!

-Ariel Desousa 

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