Activities of the SPC Multicultural Club in Spring Semester 2018

Multicultural Club

The members of Multicultural club at the Clearwater Campus had a great spring 2018. They engaged in a lot of different activities and they shared their cultures and experiences. This semester the club participated in the Chinese New Year, International Women’s leadership Forum, El Camino Forum and the Asia Munch & Learn, as well as many quad events that included St. Patrick’s Day and the Black History Month. One of the best Quad Events was the St. Patrick’s Quad Event. The theme was evident as March is when we celebrate the little leprechaun, rainbows, and treasures. This time SPC Clearwater Campus invited the Narrows which is an Environmental Education Center at George C. McGough Park. The Avian Veteran Alliance is a program dedicated to assist veterans by changing their environment outside of the military.  The Narrows brought special birds, such us eagles and owls; these are rescue animals that have a disability. They take care of them and keep them in a safe natural environment. One of the extracurricular activities the multicultural club attended was the Chinese New Year on February 17, at the University of South Florida Tampa. Club members stated that it was an interesting celebration because it was an original artistic concert.

Multicultural Club

Furthermore, the club had a lot of meetings. These meetings included games, cultural presentations and pizza! This semester the club dynamic changed a little bit. Some international students had the chance to make a brief presentation about the culture from their home country. The first presentation was held by Miranda Page, whose family is from India, and she brought a traditional plate to share; she also taught the members how to make it. It was a great learning experience! The second presentation was held by Maria Novoa, who is an international student from Colombia; she did a presentation about the traditions and Colombian cuisine. The end of the presentation finished with the sharing of delicious “arepas”. Another presentation was about the experience of Emelle Tunceren, who studied abroad in India. She shared fun facts about India, some pictures and advice to students who are planning to study abroad. In the last club meeting of the semester on May 3rd, club members organized a pot luck and shared delicious food. While Ronelia Bailey shared her study abroad experience in Spain.

Lastly, one of the best opportunities this semester has been the volunteer activity the Multicultural Club provided for their members. English Conversation Partners program helps non- English speakers improve their language skills by having casual conversations with Americans or other fluent-speakers of English who can correct grammar mistakes or mispronunciation. The most active student this semester is the Club President, Tyler Page. For more information about the English Conversation partners visit:

If you want to join an international club in St. Petersburg College remember all the benefits and reasons why joining a club is a good idea. First, it is an excellent way to meet new people and network with other students on campus. Second, you share activities that you love. Third, it gives the chance to learn new ideas and engage in different learning experiences. Also, international clubs gives you a global vision since you are learning and sharing new cultures. Finally, the best thing about joining a club is that you distract yourself from studying and thinking about homework and tests.


-Maria Novoa

If you want to be part of the Multicultural Club at the Clearwater Campus please contact:

Angela Cole, International Students, DSO . | (727) 791-2632 | Clearwater

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