“Kalymnos has a special place in my heart”

Greece was much more than I had ever anticipated. I was granted the chance to spend my birthday in one of the countries I always wanted to visit. Kalymnos was one of the most majestic, beautiful places I’d ever seen. The sweet countryside and generous people were such a surprise, as was the rest of the trip. Kalymnos was like something out of a travel brochure, or a getaway pamphlet. The cerulean blue water, even on a cloudy day, the photogenic countryside, and the mountains surrounding the entire island were beyond picturesque. Kalymnos has a special place in my heart. The people I met and the culture I experienced is something I will remember forever.

img_14022Delphi was a learning experience for me. The ride alone was extremely long, but I always loved long rides. When we arrived at Delphi, I was excited to see the Temple of Apollo. We climbed the mountain, a long, and arduous journey. I was reminded of the mountains back in Kalymnos, and wished I was back on the island. When we reached the temple, I was breathless. The hike up had completely drained me. I immediately perked back up when I really analyzed the remaining pillars. I could picture all of the people who had hiked up the hill to visit the Oracle, or to see this majestic monument of an ancient civilization. I was awestruck as I basked in the history and culture of this one archaeological site. The history was more than anything I had fathomed. Greece’s artifacts were so much more powerful than any I had ever seen. I cannot wait to return to Greece one day.

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