SPC offering first-time Study Abroad trip to Japan

Ever wondered what it is like to see cherry blossoms in bloom, snow-capped Mt. Fuji or see the countryside from a bullet train? Well, now you can. For the first time, SPC is offering a study abroad program to Japan.

We offer two courses; World Lit I or II. These courses will analyze literature and culture from all over the world, but will focus on Japanese literature which will prepare you for our short term study abroad in Tokyo. Think you can’t afford study abroad? Think again, we have may scholarships on our SPC website to help fund your Japanese experience. All’s that’s missing is you!

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One thought on “SPC offering first-time Study Abroad trip to Japan

  1. Hi I’m interesting in studying abroad in Japan! I recently flew there for a 2 week vacation and had an amazing time exploring the culture. I’d like to know what all the qualifications are to go on this trip. Thanks!

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