International Student Story: Bonjour from Ivory Coast

13051570_1301236733269405_7543880119036016217_n (002)My name is Georges Goa and I am from Ivory Coast, which is located in West Africa. My home country is a little bit like France because my country was colonized by France. The first language in my home country is French and people are known to be friendly and hard workers.

I came to the U.S because my father used to study in the U.S and when he got all his diplomas, he went home and actually lived a good life. Also, my sister lives here and so does my brother. I also wanted to be bilingual because this is a really good skill to have in my country. It makes it easier to find a job. I like to learn more about new culture because in America you meet people from everywhere and also living here without my family helped me growing up.

ivory-coast-map-820x637My sister is the one who found SPC for me and she has been living in Clearwater so it was convenient for me to go here. When I started studying at SPC everything was different for me because in my country we go to school from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4pm. Here you choose your schedule and this is cool. Also, the school here makes you independent and you have to learn how to study on your own by making a good schedule that gives you time to study and to succeed without being disturbed. 

6b5fd4e69448844a74b9df9c7a36416bMy plan after graduation is to go to SPC in Largo for studying Management and Leadership for my bachelor’s program.

After 5 years, I see myself with all my diplomas and going back home and find a good job to make good money and to have the same life as my father gave to us or better than that.

Written by: Georges Goa

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