My beautiful country, Colombia by Maria Clara Novoa

Maria Clara Novoa

Story written by SPC International student Maria Clara Novoa

Maria Clara Novoa dancing cumbia

Colombia. Yes I know what you are thinking Shakira, coffee, Sofia Vergara and guerrilla. My name is Maria Clara Novoa; I am currently studying my AA degree towards psychology at SPC. I am from Bogota, Colombia and I am about to show you the best of this beautiful country including a little bit of my life, and not just what most of people know about my country.I was born in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. It is the largest city in Colombia with more than 7 million inhabitants. Colombia has a variety of climates and ecosystems that anyone would be happy to experience. We do not have seasons, I know it is hard to believe, but Colombia has the same weather throughout the year, with the exception of some rainy seasons and a slightly colder weather. Colombia is mostly a Catholic country. We like to celebrate every saint’s day, which is why we are the second country in the world with the most holidays. In addition, we have many traditions like the typical dances that represent our history and culture; for instance cumbia, salsa, and folclor.

Maria Clara Novoa doing rafting in San Gil, Santander

One of the things I love and appreciate about my country are the landscapes and beautiful mountains. Since I was a child, I loved to hike and reach the top of the mountain to enjoy the landscape. Besides all this, there are endless tourist places to visit and different activities to do. One of my favorite activities are the extreme sports that you can do in any part of Colombia like rafting, paragliding, diving, windsurfing, and rappelling. Thanks to our different terrains, mountains and rivers we can enjoy many sports and different physical activities. Furthermore, Colombia is the second biggest exporter of cut flowers in the world besides having millions of different species of butterflies, birds, and orchids.

Finally, I encourage you to experience all of this activities and beautiful things about Colombia. I guarantee that you will not regret it, and that you are going to want more of it! If you want to experience a bit of Colombia, talk to any Colombian and believe me, they will demonstrate our culture and tradition from the moment you meet them.

-Maria Clara Novoa, International Student from Colombia

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