SPC Student Learns About Turtles and Koalas Studying Abroad in Australia!


SPC student, Beatriz Santander, shares her experience in Australia with St. Petersburg College after receiving a study abroad scholarship:

“On the first day of the trip, I was so nervous to meet everyone! Once I got to Australia and settled that nervousness dissipated. While taking the ferry to Fitzroy Island our guide, Jenny, was talking to us about one of the Turtles. Jenny was educating us on the anesthetic aspects of what they used or the surgical procedure on that specific turtle. I learned that their circulatory system is different from mammals. They have a 3-chambered heart, which is a lot different from reptiles. I do not know much about exotic animals, let Australiaalone sea turtles, so I was amazed at the difference in anesthetic protocols as well. For the rest of the program, we alternated going to Fitzroy Island or going to their rehab Center in the city. We prepped, measured or counted the amount that each turtle had to be fed and then fed him or her. Cleaning and siphoning their tanks was fun to do! There were many volunteers, time seemed to go by quickly, and everybody had a job to do most of the time. Some of the other activities included going to Kuranda village, where we got the opportunity to go into Koala gardens. There I learned that koalas have light fragile bones. The days to follow where amazing! Fun in Moore Reef, and visited some iconic waterfalls as Millaa Millaa falls! The atmosphere was amazing and everyone Australia enjoyed the local restaurants and stores. We didn’t get a chance to visit Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital. I was really looking forward to visiting their hospital and witnessing how it is they do things in a different country. Overall, it was a great experience and I met new friends along the way!”-Beatriz Santander, SPC Student, Australia Vet Summer 2018

Thank you for sharing Beatriz!

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