2017-2018 SPC Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships

Study Abroad

The Center for International Programs is proud to welcome the 2017-2018 academic year with ten different, life-changing study abroad programs available to our students. By participating in a study abroad program, students are given the opportunity to take an SPC course in a different country. Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to earn college credits while stepping out of their comfort zone and experiencing new cultures, allowing them to gain a different perspective on life.

Study Abroad
Celeste in Jamaica

“Study Abroad showed me the difference between knowing about the world and knowing the world; not one of my college courses or textbooks could have taught me that.”

-Celeste, Jamaica Education 2015 study abroad participant

The following is a list of the 2017-2018 study abroad programs with their respective courses:

  • France & England – HUM 1020, HUM 2950, PHI 1600, PHI 1600 H, PHI 2103
  • Germany – ENC 1101, ENC 1102, ARH 1000, ART 1300C
  • Greece – LIT 2210, HUM 1020, HUM 2210, HUM 2262, CLT 2373
  • Honduras – BSC 2362, CLP 2140
  • Ireland & Scotland – ANS 3440
  • Italy High School – REL 2300, INR 2002
  • Jamaica Dental – DEH 2702C
  • Jamaica Education – EDE 4942
  • New Zealand – LIT 2110, LIT 2120, ANT 2410
  • Spain – All Spanish levels including SPN 2949

Did you know that SPC offers study abroad scholarships? 

Below is a list of the available scholarships:

Program Amount Deadline
France $2,500 Sept 27, 2017
Germany $2,000 Aug 28, 2017
Greece $2,000 Sept 27, 2017
Honduras $2,500 Sept 27, 2017
Ireland/Scotland $3,000 Sept 27, 2017
Jamaica Dental $1,000 Aug 24, 2017
Jamaica Education $1,000 Aug 24, 2017
New Zealand $3,000 Sept 27, 2017
Spain $2,000 Sept 27, 2017
Study Abroad
Ronelia in Spain

“The study abroad scholarship was my passport to experience the world which started a journey to a better me and hopefully a more tolerant and collaborative global community member.”

-Ronelia, Spain 2017 study abroad participant (click here to Ronelia’s incredible story on our blog)

If you want to study abroad but are not sure how it works and don’t know where to start, stop by one of our offices and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Think you are too busy or that it’s too expensive? That’s what Maryclare thought too, click here to check our her blog post and read about her experience.

Center for International Programs office locations:

  • St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus, SA 111 (map)
  • Clearwater Campus, AD 152 (map)
  • Tarpon Springs Campus, DE 442B (map)

Questions? Contact Anna Faiola by phone at 727-712-5883 or via email at faiola.anna@spcollege.edu.

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