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florida kid care

In the spirit of our Community of Care, St. Petersburg College secured a grant from Florida KidCare that will help us disseminate information to staff, students and the public regarding an organization which assures that Florida children have access to affordable, quality health care from birth through the end of age 18. All Florida children are eligible, even if one or both parents is working or in school.

What KidCare Offers

More than 147,000 children in Florida are currently living without health insurance, but may be eligible for low-cost or completely free health insurance through Florida KidCare. With four unique Florida KidCare programs – Medicaid for children, MediKids, Florida Healthy Kids and the Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan – the simple and free application process is designed to identify the best fit for the family.

All four Florida KidCare coverage options include
• Doctor visits
• Check-ups
• Hospital stays
• Surgeries
• Immunizations
• Prescriptions
• Emergencies
• Vision and hearing
• Dental
• Mental health services and more

What KidCare Costs

Most families pay nothing at all, and many families pay as little as $15 or $20 a month. Families not eligible for subsidized coverage may purchase Florida KidCare at the full-pay monthly premium, which is competitively priced. A free online eligibility calculator is available to help Florida families interested in applying for Florida KidCare. This tool utilizes two key pieces of information — family size and annual household income — to estimate a family’s monthly premium payment for Florida KidCare coverage.

How to Apply

Applying is both easy and free, and with year-round enrollment, families can apply for Florida KidCare at any time. Just fill out one application and Florida KidCare will match you with the right option based on your children’s ages, household size and family income. Parents can apply online or call 1-888-540-KIDS (5437) to apply over the phone or have an application mailed directly to them. Types of documents needed may vary depending on the family; however, the following categories are listed as helpful examples of the types of documents an applicant should have available before starting an application:

• Tribal Membership
• Pay Stub
• Proof of Income
• Proof of Unearned Income

If you or someone you know has an uninsured child or faces struggles with high premiums, please take a moment to look at the free online eligibility calculator to estimate your monthly premium payment and see if KidCare might be a good fit.

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