SPC Nursing Students Attend National Convention

student nurses' association

During the first week of April 2019, four students from St. Petersburg College’s Nursing program, along with Nursing Professor Diane Robinson, had the opportunity to participate in the National Student Nurses’ Association’s annual convention. The convention itself was an amazing opportunity to network and connect with not only educational institutions, but also international relief organizations and specialized professional organizations that could be helpful to future Registered Nurses.

The students learned about new and upcoming nursing procedures and medical technology that will be introduced to the nursing profession in future years. Moreover, they were introduced to a plethora of focus groups that will assist them in their nursing profession and education, such as the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Certification, NCLEX review course, training for individual executive board positions, and pharmacology workshops.  Professional organizations were present, providing students additional information on how to be involved as students or future nurses at the Emergency Nurse Association, Trauma/Flight Nurse Association, and many more. Students also learned how to market themselves to future employers, as well as how to build and mature a business within the field.

Moreover, during the convention, students representing the College of Nursing were selected to be participants in the national delegate assemblies. During the first delegate assemblies, each member of the NSNA executive board reported on the current standing of the organization. Thereafter, a plethora of resolutions were introduced and voted on, including the support of early mobilization of ICU patients, the support of faculty advancing LGBTQ+ Health, increasing depression awareness for nursing students, and the promotion of paid maternity leave for mothers after birth. A total of 59 resolutions were passed, each promoting an important issue that pertains closely to the everyday experience of nursing students and their immediate community.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the help of our fabulous faculty. Specifically, the SNA would like to give a huge thanks to:

  • Joanne Goot, who has been helpful with providing information about the convention, preparing us for the convention, and setting expectations
  • Kathleen Boyleson, who has exceptional logistic skills and prepared all of the paperwork for SNA students and advisor to attend to the convention
  • Diane Robinson, who attended the convention alongside the students and was attentive, good-hearted, and a great advocate for us during out time at the convention
  • The SPC Health Education Center Student Government Association (SGA) for assisting with funds to allow SNA an opportunity to attend the conference

Without the assistance of SGA, SPC faculty and staff, this event would not have been possible. Thank you for all the hard work you do for the nursing program.

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