Respiratory Care Pinning Ceremony

I realize this won’t do much for my macho image, I must confess I’ve always been a softy for pinning ceremonies.  One of the most rewarding parts of working with the same small group of students for 2 years is being able to graduate, or “pin” them into the profession.  There’s always something so special about seeing a lot of hard work from students, and support from their families, pay off.

This year’s pinning was especially rewarding.  Not only did we pin an excellent group of 15 graduates, but the ceremony was well attended by family members and friends.  Drs. Eric Carver and Rebecca Ludwig also attended, which added to the event.

While the SPC Respiratory Care program has always had a strong record of placing nearly 100% of our graduates, this year’s graduate placement is off to an especially fast start.  Of the 15 graduates, 10 had at least one job offer before they graduated.  Several had multiple offers.  Every indication is that this years class will place especially quickly.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of graduates class of 2015


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