EMS receives new fidelity simulators

MegaCode Kelly simulation

MegaCode Kellys have arrived!

Recently, the EMS team implemented Laerdal Medical’s MegaCode Kelly manikins into our five evening credit EMT lab classes. These medium fidelity, full-body manikin simulators are designed for the practice of advanced, difficult, and obstructed airway scenarios and IV therapy.

MegaCode Kelly Features

These flexible manikins, complete with scenario based simulation curriculum, provide a wide range of modules to accommodate training, including CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), trauma, bleeding control, and first aid. Other features include:

  • Airway/Intubation Trainer
  • Cardiac Related Skills
  • Circulatory Skills and IV Drug Administration
  • Trauma Module Set

Student Engagement

The EMS students were introduced to these simulators to enhance medium fidelity knowledge. This helps with understanding and proficiency for psychomotor (hands-on) skills. The student interest was overwhelming and they were impressed with the overall capabilities of these simulators, and were enthusiastic to work with these state-of-the-art devices. Several student comments related to the increased capabilities and how exposure to these medium fidelity simulators provided real-time feedback and interaction with their simulated patients.

EMT students practice skills using the new MegaCode Kelly simulator

Student Success

During the scenario, students had the opportunity to share how these new manikins were a great benefit to their learning process. What an engaging way to teach patient assessment and interaction in the clinical and field internship environment. These students will be ready to go as they transition into live human patient care!

The MegaCode Kelly scenario created the perfect opportunity for EMT students to engage in teamwork

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This equipment was funded in whole by the $2.3 million federally funded Carl D. Perkins IV Career & Technical Education Grant.

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