EMS Faculty Publishes first Book

This week I accomplished a lifelong goal of getting my first book published. I titled my book, “Not So Basic! Tips To Help You Through the EMT Course: A guide for preparation, strategy and success,” with the intention for it to be used as a reference book for anyone interested in enrolling in the EMT course and as a field guide to help students already in the program. It has been my experience that so many students enter into the program fresh out of high school with little to no college experience.  My inspiration for writing this book was to better prepare students about what to expect once they first sign up for the class.

The book covers tips such as what the student can study and reference before they are even enrolled. such as medical terminology and human anatomy, in order to help them when these subjects are brought up in class. The more students know about what to expect, the more confident they will be about the material being covered.

The book also covers individual topics that the author has seen cause some head scratching when covered in class, such as pharmacology, which I’ve noticed several students tend to struggle with at first. If they read this book along with their textbook, which is a must, then hopefully it will ease some of the more anxious moments felt in class.

Writing has always been a passion for me and it is something that I used to make a living doing. Prior to entering into the world of EMS, I spent several years working as a journalist in my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico,  working for various news radio stations as well as the ABC affiliate. Since becoming a paramedic, I have utilized my talents to write several articles for national trade magazine EMS World, including a cover story in 2010.

Currently I am researching information for my next book which I  hope to start writing early next year.

My book is currently available on Amazon.com as an ebook and next week will be available as a paperback. Please take  a look and if you know someone who is interested in becoming an EMT, paramedic or firefighter, this book is a great read.

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