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EMT Grad Volunteers, Helps Disaster Victims

Disaster Relief

With a love for volunteering and public service, St. Petersburg College student Tyler Nastasiak’s passion lead him on the path to becoming an Emergency Medical Technician under the tutelage of professors Ted Rogers and Frank Koulianos at the college.

“I hadn’t been volunteering, and my work as an office intern left me unfulfilled. So, roughly after my 19th birthday, I left USFSP and decided to become an Emergency Medical Technician,” Tyler said.

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Tyler graduated and began working as an EMT for Pinellas County’s EMS service Sunstar. Seven months passed and Tyler began to feel the same feeling that initially pulled him to SPC – an urge to do more.

This lead him to dedicated volunteering with the American Red Cross. He has logged more than 200 hours with the organization.

“I became a Disaster Action Team member, meaning during a disaster I am part of the relief effort,” he explained. “Most of the time, I respond out to house fires and get families set up with financial aid, a place to stay, and hygiene items.”

For many, Tyler’s arrival signals a sign of relief. His care is fueled by the two values that he carries with him: the value of professionalism and community.

Tyler currently is enrolled in the Public Policy and Administration program at SPC.

“It is my intention to lead the change, and I know that wherever my path takes me, it will be built upon the foundation of an SPC education.”