Titan Robotics Automation Challenge Lego Design Competition

Students operating robot arm

Are you a Minecraft mason? A Lego maniac? You could win $200 in the Titan Robotics Automation Challenge Lego Design & Build Competition! Design and build a building that is representative of St. Petersburg College out of Legos.

The winning design will be built and used in the Titan Robotics Automation Challenge, formerly the mini-urban challenge. The TRAC map is a miniature city that is used to test miniature autonomous robots. The TRAC map measures 42 by 10 feet. The buildings on the map are non-specific Lego buildings. The contest is the start of making the city on the mini-urban challenge map our own.

The contest environment was donated by the Doolittle Institute. Named for the leader of the daring World War II raid, the Institute works with U.S. Southern Command. In addition to the generous donation of the challenge environment , the contest is mad possible thanks to a grant from the Foundation for Community Drive Innovation, and a Titan Achievement Grant. The contest is a great opportunity for students to show off their creativity and ingenuity.

The contest is open to SPC students, faculty, staff, as well as the larger community. The winner(s) will receive a $200 cash prize and a budget to purchase Legos to build their winning design. The winning design will be used during local and national robotics competitions, conferences, and other events. Designers can see a portion of the TRAC city-scape at St. Petersburg College EpiCenter from February 5 through 16. The deadline for submitting design drawings is March 16, 2018. Have questions? Contact Dr. Susan Garrett, Program Director at extension 4281.

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