New program offers rewarding job – fast

two medical device and networking students look at a laptop

St. Petersburg College is offering a new certificate that will quickly get students jobs in a fast-growing, well-paying field. The 23-credit-hour Medical Device Networking and Cybersecurity Certificate, which can be completed in less than a year, was created at the request of local healthcare organization and medical device companies who urgently need skilled professionals who can prevent the tide of data breaches and hacking of complex medical equipment.

Engineering Dean Natavia Middleton said the job can be very rewarding.

“If you’re someone who likes working with computers and troubleshooting, and if you would like to work in a field that helps people, this would be a great career choice,” Middleton said.

Since medical device security not only impacts healthcare facilities, but can also impact the delivery of patient care, this certificate teaches students the latest technology and tools necessary to provide a strong line of defense for critical and life-saving medical equipment that is at risk of increasing cyberattacks.

“It often involves setting up networks of medical equipment, monitoring network traffic, managing networked devices through cybersecurity software, and troubleshooting medical devices that are not communicating properly,” said Program Coordinator Brian Bell. “It is an extremely fast-growing field where you get to learn new things all the time and it is a constant challenge”

Middleton said there are many career options available in this field, including cybersecurity analyst, medical device specialist, and network security analyst.

“This field is growing so quickly, she said. We’re looking at a projected 31 percent increase in jobs in this area over the next eight years.”

Not only are the jobs there, but Bell says the pay is very enticing.

“For a position as a true cybersecurity person in the healthcare system – the pay is amazing,” Bell said. Many start out as a tech and work their way up.” 

Learn more about this career and how you can get into the program here.

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