Make a Difference with the Biomedical Engineering Technology Degree

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, health care careers have meant sure and steady employment. But some may not realize that caring for patients doesn’t necessarily mean direct patient care. St. Petersburg College’s Associate in Science degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMET) marries health care and electronics, preparing students for the opportunity to work on equipment in an environment where they can make a difference in someone’s life.

James Ruggiero, Director of Biomedical Sales and Services at Mercury Medical, said that, just like the patient caregivers, Biomedical Engineering Techs (BMETs) have worked continuously throughout the pandemic, as clients need their services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

“I think that the masses are beginning to have a better idea of the important role BMETs play,” Ruggiero said. “A respiratory therapist is only as good as the patient ventilator that they’re connecting to treat their patient, and an anesthesiologist is only as good as the equipment they use to anesthetize their patients.”

Developed with the guidance and support of an Advisory Committee comprised of field experts and industry leaders, SPC’s program includes industry tours, professional association meetings and technical workshops. It also crosses the curriculum with classes in computer networking, cybersecurity, and biology.

Tracy Steinberg was a small business owner when she enrolled in SPC’s program in 2011. She liked that it appealed to her entrepreneurial spirit and would allow her to explore her mechanical aptitude as well as her love of science. She was pleasantly surprised by the responses she got after sending her resume out after graduation, and accepted a position as a Field Service Engineer at Spacelabs Healthcare, a well-known medical equipment manufacturer.

“Thanks to SPC, I was prepared to enter the field of Biomedical Engineering Technology,” Steinberg said. “I’m excited about the future and my new adventure.”

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